HEMOEVIL and the democratization of Art

Democratization of Art

Art is often something exclusive and unattainable that can usually only be enjoyed in exhibitions and museums, making it impossible for the common mortals to buy for its normally high prices. That is why we defend and participate in the idea that a democratization of Art is necessary and that anyone with real interest can also access it in a less elitist and more affordable way.

Who is Art made for?

Andy Warhol was one of the forerunners of Pop Art or Popular Art. This is an important 20th-century artistic movement characterized by the use of everyday figures and elements of popular and urban culture. Comics, industrial objects, packaging, advertisements etc. were used in it to make a critical and intelligent way turn the trivial into ART with capital letters. But is it really an artistic movement close to the village? Nothing further from reality. Although his works bore the name Popular Art, it remained and remains unattainable for ordinary people.

Art and Fashion

Art and Fashion are a perfect symbiosis. Both disciplines have developed over time in the same creative sphere. From ancient times to the present day they are movements that have been influencing, complementing and growing, imbuing each other. So much so that there is even the approach to whether Fashion can or should be considered Art.

HEMOEVIL has among its objectives that those people who wear their garments have their own style and character, without having the need to dress like most. We seek quality, both in the design and materials and in the Artworks printed on them. We like to be original, daring, contemporary and rebellious; that’s a conscientious thing. We put passion into everything we do and what we do is create garments that have a special value.


The philosophy of HEMOEVIL is to detach itself from the icons already established in terms of stamping. We make certified, numbered and limited Art Editions in our Creations. We start from a Work of Art that is brought into everyday life. We take it out of the Art Galleries and the Studios of contemporary painters for you to wear, so that it can live with you in the day to day and share it in the eyes of the people around you and watch you. Thus we contribute to a greater visibility and democratization of art that we believe necessary.

Not only do you wear a piece of clothing, but the play walks with you, travels with you, is displayed with you. It is no longer a static work on the wall, it no longer tells what the artist meant in his creation, but that you give meaning to the way you relate to it and those around you.

Being critical of what we see
Being critical of what we see

Without question there is no progress

Art is a fundamental part of life, because without it, our life becomes monotonous, invisible and boring. Without question, we will not move forward as human beings. Changing things is what makes sense of life. We all have the ability to discern, to create, to evolve. Personal development is a choice and choosing to grow should be an evolutionary commitment to ourselves.

Art has the virtue of questioning reality, of challenging the senses, of making what is not tangible, of materializing ideas, thoughts, feelings… The result of this questioning is the evolution of creativity. This creativity in its most radical and broad sense, will help us to generate ideas and concepts in any field, to have a more constructive imagination, to better process information from perception and knowledge, through experience. We want to wear one of our garments, it is an experience, for the one who wears it and for those who see it.

The Hemoevil Bet

For all this HEMOEVIL, bets on Contemporary Art in its Creations, so that we may question, and advance, as human beings. We do not settle for an Art that only fulfills an aesthetic and ornamental function. We are pursuing a Vindicative Art. With each proposal HEMOEVIL makes a confidence, defends a posture, shares a thought or an idea. Each work is a statement of intent that does not cater to fashions or styles. It is the purest and most intimate expression and form of communication of the artist. At HEMOEVIL we put our grain of sand on that issue and not only in terms of the perception of Art, we are also aware that the planet needs us, and therefore our creations are printed in 100 percent organic textile garments, and we edit our images of artists, with water inks and chemical-free.

HEMOEVIL Consciousness

Everything at HEMOEVIL is sustainable and organic, we are researching recycled plastics from the sea and post-consumer to start creating garments with these materials and plant fibers. At HEMOEVIL we say that sustainable fashion is not a fashion, but a commitment to a better life with ourselves, the people around us and the planet. We commit ourselves without losing that rebellion, that way of confronting the world, questioning it, being critical of it and ourselves. At HEMOEVIL we believe that the madness of differentiation is fundamental to being whatever you want to be. A world without madness is a dead, inanimate world without advances. For this reason Hemoevil contributes its grain of sand to the sustainability and democratization of Art.

Culture Hemoevil
Culture Hemoevil



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