Xan Medina

Artista internacional

Likewise, the contemporary artist Xan Medina has carried out projects in different parts of the world. Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia. He is also a co-founder and an inherent part of the Hemoevil brand and philosophy.

xan-medina-exclusive-t-shirts (8)
xan-medina-exclusive-t-shirts (8)

Xan Medina 1965. Contemporary artist based in Berlin, Seville and Barcelona.

His work

Talk about the or bra by contemporary artist Xan Medina is to talk about visual crime, about the illumination of suffering , of the anguish that it reveals to us. Medina investigates through the network to get the images and take them out of their context, giving them a total twist and a new meaning that goes beyond the ordinary, resulting in an original, provocative and intimate work.

As a result Their worlds are very disparate and reflect a constant interest in his work: death, the grotesque, tragicomedy, infants, sex, animals, his native Coto de Doñana, etc. As defined by the artist himself. “The miseries and virtues of the human being is what makes my brushstrokes move on the supports I use.”

That is why to his credit we find various animals and characters of great imaginative wealth and great psychological depth. His proposal penetrates the psyche of the contemporary subject with courage, causing him to question himself through the drama of his compositions. His work reflects a constant interest in a fauna that we could well affirm is related to the literary genre of the fable.

Definición del artista

What’s more, the artist himself would define them as follows: “ My works are like little fables. The tragic and stark aspect of the animal world reflects in my opinion very accurately the moment of uncertainty, crisis and drama that the human being lives today.

In addition, Xan Medina externalizes through his elegant brushwork and exquisite technique, a rich, strong and colorful inner world. His images compose a kind of personal diary where extremes coexist admirably: the good and the abject, the beautiful and the eschatological, the playful and the tragic, the childish and the terrifying.

Perhaps disturbing , yes, and sometimes distressing, like life itself. This is what Xan Medina’s work has that leaves no one indifferent.

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