HemoEvil - Contemporary art on textile

About the brand

Installation contemporary art whale plastic


Trasladamos el arte contemporáneo a la vida cotidiana por medio de las ediciones que sacamos al mercado en nuestras camisetas algodón orgánico, con la exclusividad de las tiradas limitadas.
The art that we propose in Hemo Evil is a reflective, committed art that transposes what current society lives.
As in contemporary art new materials, techniques and technological and industrial methods are used to create, in Hemo Evil we are not left behind.

Photo: Sculptural installation “Plastic Varada Whale” made by Greenpeace in the Philippines.


The support we use in our creations is organic, high quality, sustainable and chemical free. We are committed to the planet and the needs it requires. We are aware that we need a fairer world and committed to recycling, and the need for less is more when it comes to restricting materials. That is why we say that ecological and organic is not a fashion is a commitment. Our suppliers have the highest standards in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Photo: Collection of organic cotton. Courtesy of Stanley Stella.

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