Eco-friendly fashion, responsible fashion, healthy fashion.

We promote responsible consumption with conscience and courage. We choose certified garments and materials, ensuring that all those who have contributed to their manufacture have received a decent treatment and fair wage. We do not want garments that are produced quickly and cheaply at the expense of the exploitation of others. We also use chemical-free inks and 100% organic cotton to take care of the skin, even the most sensitive. Don’t destroy the planet, destroy looks!


Immerse yourself in our well.


Textile art to wear with exclusive designs.

We use the human body as support. Everyone wearing a Hemoevil brand T-shirt contributes to the artistic propagation of Culture and Art, distinguishing the Self within a different and original cultural circle, which is demarcated from the icons established by the market. You are the support of the Work! Because you know the value of Art, you take care of what you wear and the planet. Practice the ART of taking care of yourself.


Collection of originals by Xan Medina, artist, musician and contemporary painter based in Seville, Barcelona and Berlin.

We take care of every detail with great care and care. Even our packaging is sustainable and personalized.

The customer does not receive a garment, but a Work of Art of which he becomes the standard.

All parts have an author’s certificate.

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