“Dog” T-shirt. Size M.

99,00 (IVA incluido)

Unique hand-painted size M t-shirt made of 100% organic cotton, yarn and styling. 155 GSM.

Artist: Xan Medina
“Dog” T-shirt.
It represents abandonment. That look that both animals and humans hold before loneliness, before loss, before what gives us security.

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Exclusive works of the artist Xan Medina made for the firm. Unique and exclusive hand-painted T-Shirts.

We advocate to the Art ‘Democratization Dressing up quality art is a unique experience that you can already get because Hemoevil offers you a collection of unique and exclusive hand-painted T-Shirts.

We present you our unique collection of hand-painted T-Shirts for Hemoevil. Discover the world of painting and drawing, dress it and share it with the world. That is the idea. You fill the streets of Contemporary Art! Different strokes, shapes and lines, make up a series of works inspired by the artist’s reflections, respect for nature and animals

We share with our lovers of Contemporary Art our unique hand-painted T-Shirts.

It is more than a T-Shirt, it is a work of art embodied in a comfortable and healthy textile. With our unique hand-painted shirts, the images fall off the stand where the artist usually creates and dissolves from the walls of the Art Galleries to be displayed through you. We put at your fingertips our first collection with hand-painted Contemporary Artworks. Because quality Art is not just for a minority and with Hemoevil, it is within your reach.

Guide size.

Drawing Sizes

Sizes: M

A: Chest: 51.00 B: Length: 71.50 C: Sleeve: 20.50

  • The sleeve is glued with ribbed collar, reinforced with an inner bias.
  • Cuffs and hems have double stitches and narrows which increases the quality of your clothing.


Fabric Quality:

Environmentally friendly in its Manufacturing and Fair Trade.

Made of 100% organic cotton, yarn and hairstyle. 155 GSM.

For this reason we choose this cotton, because of its composition and treatment. Because this natural and breathable fabric allows the air to flow with proper ventilation, absorbing sweat and protecting our skin, including the most delicate ones. For this reason it is a high quality T-Shirt with much softer feel than ordinary cotton and also of greater durability. It is a healthy and beneficial item for the skin since it decreases the possibility of presenting allergic reactions, because our skin breathes much better and therefore the feeling of comfort increases.


Moreover, by using organic cotton in addition to the benefits that it brings us, we favor the Planet since it is respectful in its manufacture and manufacturing, respecting the environment and fair trade. With this we contribute to the care of the ecosystem since it is grown in an ecological way without using pesticides or toxic products in its cultivation or processing.

The masterpiece:

Because in Hemoevil, quality and exclusivity prevail over quantity. It’s not just about a hand-painted T-Shirts. In addition, there will be no more pieces of the same drawing. The work is directly painted on the tissue and made with water-based inks of great durability. That is why this collection of unique hand-painted T-Shirts for Hemoevil is so special.

What’s more, the image printed on the shirt is certified by the artist since they are unique and exclusive pieces. In this certificate, it will be included with the T-Shirt.

Join HEMOEVIL and make a difference!

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