Picture “Never again”.

2.000,00 (IVA incluido)

Picture “Never again”.

Artist: Xan Medina

sizes: 0 x 70 cm. Mixed media on paper.

This work seems like a shout, but nothing is further from reality. “Never again” represents the nightmares of the human being, insecurities, frustrations, which leads us to forget what we are, his selfishness, the loss of complicity. He does not lose hope, but forgets to seek it, to strengthen it.

It was used to design one of the shirts of the same name in Direct Printing with chemical-free inks.


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Picture on paper “Never again”.

This work of art is a scream. With the painting “Never again” the artist represents the nightmares of human beings, their insecurities and fears, their frustrations and aversions.

T-shirts NEVER AGAIN. Fashion that cares for the planet.

In addition, this work has been the inspiration for the realization of a series of printed sustainable fashion t-shirts that are limited and numbered. There is only a series of 100 t-shirts made of organic cotton of the highest quality. The inks used are chemical free. Therefore, the work is printed by direct printing, which is the most advanced technique currently in printing on cotton. In this way, the work of art is integrated with an impeccable finish and a very pleasant soft touch.

Union of Fashion and Art

That is why they are distinguished by their artistic context and it is a fashion that cares for the planet due to its ecological awareness, its durability, comfort and quality. These are our maxims.

In our garments the image falls from the support where the artist habitually creates, it dissolves from the walls of the art galleries to be displayed on our shirts. We relocate the support of the work and exhibition of the work of art and transport it to everyday life through our t-shirts. You are the bearer and the disseminator of art, you give it a new meaning by dressing it.

Author Certificate:

This is a unique work that will be certified by the author. If on the contrary you acquire a shirt with the inspiration of the work, it will be certified by the artist since they are certified and numbered exclusive pieces. This certificate will be included with the shirt and will specify the numbering of each series.

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